Most medical offices rely on the typical answering service to answer calls after hours. Or worse, they rely on voice mail. These just aren’t a good alternative for your office.

Why They Are A Problem

Medical offices solve a specific problem for their patients. To be able to do this most effectively they need to have good communication between your office and the patient. Typical answering services are no more than a live voice mail. They can answer the phone and take messages but that is usually the extent of the services that they offer.

An Alternative

There are some extremely useful virtual receptionist services out there that can benefit you in a lot of different ways. Not only can they answer call 24/7, they can take appointments and provide a reminder service to your patients so that they don’t forget about the appointment that they have made.

What Services Would You Benefit From

Each medical office has their own specific needs. A virtual receptionist service can offer you different options for you to customize exactly what your office needs.

By having a service that can make an appointment for your patient any time of the day or night you will be offering them a valuable service. Having a service that takes calls 24/7 will also let them reschedule or change an appointment that they have already made.

If your staff is busy and unable to answer the phone or even if they are out to lunch or on a break you can have a virtual answering service answer your calls.

Best of all, this type of service will do reminder calls. Your office staff is busy. They will appreciate having a service that will make the calls for them. And even if they do have the time to make reminder calls they will be calling during office hours when your customers will likely be working themselves and may even be unavailable.

A virtual service can make calls to the patients using their home phone or their cell phone. They can even send emails or text messages depending upon the preferences of your patients.


Source by Andy Press