It is estimated that IT outsourcing increases by 5.9 percent every year. Although other forms of business are also increasingly being outsourced, IT has the highest percentage. There are various reasons why IT services are increasingly being outsourced. Like in any other business cost is the major cause of outsourcing. The cost of hiring an internal IT manager is around fifty thousand dollars per year. This coupled with other costs of keeping the IT manager’s skills updated can be quite expensive. However, there is a greater expense for those who cannot afford an IT expatriate, system downtimes, which create backlogs of issues that could have easily been resolved. This also leads to time wastage. Outsourcing however provides such a company with a cheaper option.

Another reason for outsourcing IT services is the lack of knowledgeable employees in your workforce. Even the organizations that entirely depend on IT systems to operate may not be enough work to keep the IT staff occupied fully. In that case, it’s better to use the services of a company that offers indefinite IT support agreement whereby you will only need to give them a call when a problem arises.

Some companies have one ‘in-house’ IT expert. This person is expected to run and expand the companies IT business. If a crisis occurs when that person is sick or is on holiday, the company will be at a loss. To avoid such situations, its better to outsource from a specialized IT company which can provide a whole team of IT experts even on short notice.

Another major reason to outsource IT services is to improve productivity. As a company, you need an IT expert to assist your staff in handling computers. Since it may be too expensive to hire a permanent expert, you can outsource to an IT firm, which will increase productivity without adding too much on cost.

To improve your business you may need to outsource IT services. In any business time, expenses, employees and the clients are the most important considerations. With improved IT services, you will be able to save time and hence serve your clients better without overloading your employees. This will ultimately improve your bottom-line.

Finally, technology is advancing at a very fast rate. This means you should have access to new tools, products and updates that are beneficial to your business before any of your competitors do. You can make this happen by having a good association with the distributors of these products. This may sound simple, but in reality, it is very hard to maintain such relationships. The only option therefore is to have one individual whose business is to supervise markets, evaluate advancements and test products in order to find out how best it can be used to the advantage of the user. In reality, this is also outsourcing.

Source by Philip Taylor Brown