Plumbing & Drainage

totally247 processes thousands of reactive maintenance requests each month for multiple Plumbing & Drainage companies.

Representing contractors with both local and national coverage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week requires versatile systems that offer a seamless transition from the calls that are handled by our client to the calls that we handle at the contact centre on their behalf.

Whether you require all customer contact to be managed 24 hours a day, or a safety net service when you are unable to respond yourselves or purely for out of hours cover, totally247 offers an integrated solution that removes unnecessary administration, represents your business at the highest level and most importantly, delivers the right job to the right technician in the fastest possible time.

  • Do you require urgent jobs out of hours to be dispatched straight away with non-urgent jobs passed in the morning?
  • Do you require jobs to be dispatched to technicians according to area, skill set or by GPS location?
  • Do you require we escalate to backup technicians or subbies when the primary technician is unable to attend to the job?
  • Do you require job details to be sent through your in house system to the technicians PDA?

All this together with full call recording facilities, detailed reporting and an online rota management system is why many regard totally247 as the most effective 24 hour contact centre partner available to the plumbing & drainage industry today.

To discuss your 24 hour job dispatch requirement for reactive plumbing and drainage maintenance, contact totally247 today

  • UK Based Contact Centre
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days per year


  • Online Rota Management
  • Engineer/Job Deployment
  • Management of Response Times / SLAs
  • Use of totally247 Contractors as backup
  • Customer Service/FAQs
  • Messaging Service
  • Integration with your internal systems
  • Daytime Safety Net (No more missed calls)
  • Holiday Cover
  • Credit Card Payments Processed
  • Sales Calls Filtered

Plumbing & DrainagePlumbing & Drainage