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totally247 staff possess a keen understanding of route management and escalation processes. Knowledge of the correct responses to auto-dialler calls from various dialler manufacturers and visibility of which lifts are awaiting parts or out of contract contributes to a quality of service virtually unparalleled in an outsourced environment for lift engineering companies dealing with maintenance and service issues.

totally247 currently monitors in excess of 150,000 lifts and escalators round the clock in partnership with lift engineering companies across the UK.

The totally247 IT team has invested heavily integrating our call handling and dispatch systems with bespoke lift industry dedicated CRM software used internally by many of our lift maintenance clients to remove many of the frustrations experienced operating with other outsourced providers, specifically:

Removing the need to enter job details into the database the next working day.

totally247 lift engineer clients simply open their database on a Monday morning and press one button. The out of hours call data is seamlessly imported into the database, automatically assigning the next job ticket / reference number to the job without duplication. All data captured during the call is entered into the correct fields saving endless hours of administration.

Site list integration.

Daily updates to the site list can be automatically exported to totally247 at the end of   the working day thus enabling the team at totally247 to have the latest information to hand as they need it, removing the need for a copy of the latest site list to be forwarded to us manually.

Route and rota integration.

Similarly, the route lists, rotas and escalation points can be exported in the same manner as site lists. totally247 systems query the information to provide seamless call handling and engineer dispatch systems for our clients.

Auto-dialler and silent calls.

totally247 staff are aware of the auto-dialler codes appropriate for the various manufacturers and are able to close down the dialler test calls quickly and efficiently where no entrapment exists. Where a lift is programmed (or can be programmed during a regular maintenance visit) to call a number that can be routed to totally247 directly from an 0844 number for example), bypassing the office divert, the totally247 system will present the   correct lift information together with the call history and status of the lift and the appropriate auto-dialler codes for the lift should they be required. This reduces cost by speeding up the call and offering a faster more professional response to the caller. Rogue diallers can be shut down quickly and efficiently, reducing both frustration and cost.

To attain a seamless integration for your lift maintenance, speak to totally247 today.

  • UK Based Contact Centre
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days per year
  • Internal database of popular remote dialler codes
  • Managing over 700 entrapments per month
  • Online Rota Management
  • Engineer/Job Deployment
  • Management of Response Times / SLAs
  • Use of totally247 Contractors as backup
  • Customer Service/FAQs
  • Messaging Service
  • Integration with your internal systems
  • Daytime Safety Net (No more missed calls)
  • Holiday Cover
  • Credit Card Payments Processed
  • Sales Calls Filtered

Lift & EscalatorLift & Escalator