Choosing a name for your new business can be an exciting but stressful task. There are so many factors in selecting an appropriate name for your new company. While you can change the name down the line if you want/need it, it can be a cumbersome task. So you want to make a decision that will be comfortable for you to live with.

Here are my suggestions on points to consider when selecting a name for your VA business:

1. How do you want to brand your company? Do you want people to know your business based on what you do or, do you want them to know your business based on your name? Deciding to brand your business or yourself is an important first step in creating your business name.

2. What image are you trying to convey? When an ideal prospect hears the name of your company what thoughts do you want to come to mind? When they see your company name how to you want them to feel? Remember you’re a solutions provider, a problem solver. You want to convey the benefits and results that clients experience in working with you in every part of your brand, including your business name. Let this guide you toward selecting a name that fits.

3. Is your business name available as a domain name? The first and obvious choice is name. While you prefer to capture your entire business name as a domain name, you can also consider offering a variation. Be sure to consider what you might use as a domain name based on your company name.

4. Does your business name have good Search Engine Optimization value? If you select your business name based on what you do, you might want to consider the SEO value. How are people searching for your business? How will they find you? A good tool to use is Google’s free keyword tool – you can see the search value of phrases to help you narrow down your selections.

5. Is your business name difficult to spell? Keeping your business name (and domain name) easy to spell will help potential clients to find you easily. If you start to get creative with the spelling, you run the risk of people not finding you, or potentially finding a competitors website.

6. What do others think of the name? Posting some suggestions to friends, family and colleagues on the social networks can help you get some great feedback — quickly. People will give you feedback on how the name sounds, how easy it is to spell, and if they “like” it or not. They may even give you some suggestions on other business names to consider.

One important note about soliciting feedback: make sure you provide some background information on your business, the purpose and even the tag line. This will help respondents give you constructive feedback that you can use right away, without having to ask too many follow-up questions.

This is a short list of things to consider when naming your business and the first steps to help you get started on the process. Depending on where you live and register your company, there are other considerations as well. Be sure to check with the appropriate government agencies before you proceed.

The name you select for your company can serve you well for years to come and support you in consistently attracting ideal clients to your door. So choose wisely!

Source by Sydni Craig-Hart