Consumers push the envelope every year in their demands for better tech. Most people can not even remember the old days before cell phones when there was just rotary phones.Even single line phones with separate answering machines are a thing of the past. Today, people want 2 line cordless phones with answering machines. GE is looking to capture these consumers with its new additions. The GE 25255 is the answer to that call.

The standard practice is for one year warranties and GE does deliver that for this phone. They have updated their phones for the new standards in DECT 6.0. Some of these features will make end consumers happy. First and most important is the quality of sound.It is much improved. Secondly, security upgrades for the new wireless protocols are included. Lastly, in keeping with trends the reception range has been expanded. GE does a great job to deliver on all of these points.

The phone is comprised of the base unit and one handset. It is possible to expand the network to as many as ten headset. Not sure you will need all ten but the option is there for you if you need it. The base is an answering machine. It is not just an ordinary answering machine but comes with sixty minutes of digital recording time. This is much better than average. If you have caller ID and call waiting from your normal service they will work with this unit. I love a good phone book and the GE model as one with a ninety nine name capacity. The same long list applies to the caller ID. These are great features if you plan on using the phone to run a small home business. The intercom and teleconferencing are also nice touches for any small business that is looking to upgrade their phone system but is not wiling to pay a large amount of money at this time. GE is smart to target this growing segment with this 2 line cordless phone. It is also available in several languages.

GE has entered the mix with an above average phone with some outstanding features. The price is a little above average but the quality probably allows for this potential stretch in your budget. The overall grade is four star for this newcomer. GE carries a quality name and it is shown in this particular phone.

Source by Michael Gentleman