The demand for assistants is on the increase and they’re not just for corporate executives anymore. As an assistant, you can help a wide variety of people from a wide range of professions. People from all walks of life need help keeping on top of it all. They may need you for a one-time email inbox organization purge to a mass mailing for a new home-based business. As long as you have an adaptable nature, you can bring a wide range of services to people who need help but don’t need a full time employee. This demand is your gain because with multiple clients, you can enjoy a more stable income from multiple sources and don’t have to worry about being at the mercy of one employer.

Always plan for success as an independent assistant. If you get bogged down with a client project, who do you have available as your assistant? A great source of backup help is your local church or even a neighborhood school. Be careful about offloading projects that contain sensitive client data though. Check with your lawyer to make sure what you’re on the hook for if something goes wrong.

Getting started as an assistant is as easy as picking up the phone and making calls. Start with your own network of your friends and family. For best results don’t call them to ask for work. Call for their advice and ask for suggestions of needed services and referrals from their network of people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. If they also want your services, you’ll know.

Rates for a virtual office assistant can vary depending on the project. Consider a nominal monthly fee for your clients as a retainer and then charge based on the project. The monthly fee shows they’re serious as a client and puts on a subtle pressure to make use of your services. Rates can range from $30 an hour to $75 or more an hour depending on the project. Some assistants work a flat rate as well and just expect things to even out in the end. Depending on your own research and expectations of the types of jobs you may get from your clients, choose what makes the most sense for both parties. You have a right to earn a living while providing much wanted and needed services for your clients.

Source by John Le Bleu