3 Bramhall Place, Storeys Bar Road, Peterborough, PE1 5YS
3 Bramhall Place, Storeys Bar Road, Peterborough, PE1 5YS
Providing world-class call handling solutions 24/7


Based in Peterborough, totally247’s 80 seat live call handling and task management control centre operates at the leading edge of the industry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The totally247 Service Portfolio

So Much More Than Just Telephone Answering…
totally247 has been supporting organisations at the cutting edge of telecoms technology from a range of third party system integrations to mobile, CRM and a host of IT innovations. Our internal team of dedicated developers have designed our state of the art platform which is so flexible it supports all your business needs beautifully.

247 Job Deployment & Emergency Engineer Callouts

Our Control Room team are trained to operate dozens of third-party systems including SAP, VERISAE, CLIK, QFM, LIFTDATA, JOBLOGIC, CONCEPT EVOLUTION, OSTARA and many others.

Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our team handle thousands of boiler breakdowns, blockages, power failures, domestic water leaks, lift entrapments, Facilities Management service desk reactive maintenance issues and all manner of emergency engineer callouts on behalf of our clients.

As a technology centre with a dedicated WEBDEV team, our IT solutions are developed to deploy and escalate jobs within seconds of receiving reports of system failures. Our proprietary systems developed to intelligently deploy BMS Alarms and respond to integrated IOT enabled equipment, assists our customers to operate at a significant advantage in terms of speed and accuracy, over their competitors.

Diary Management Service

Managing your day can be difficult and being able to rely on an up to date diary is essential. Totally247 can manage your diary to make sure that you remember all of your meetings and appointments that have been scheduled. We can effectively manage your diary so that you can focus on other tasks without worrying about updating your scheduler. Our staff answer your calls and update your diary accordingly, making sure that all of your appointment bookings are scheduled correctly. If your callers would like to reschedule appointments, we can do that for them, and update your diary with the correct information. If you’re interested in assistance with managing your diary or appointment bookings, please get in touch!

247 receptionist and message taking

Our experienced receptionist service is a live message taking alternative to either an expensive internal resource or voicemail. Generally 70% of your customers will choose not to leave a voicemail message compared to a live receptionist so our service increases your chances of capturing 100% of your business new enquiries.

If you already have a receptionist, or you are able to answer some of the calls, we become your safety net when you can’t, or choose not to, answer the calls yourself.

Lift Engineers

Lift entrapments are a high risk situation and need to be dealt with quickly and effectively. totally247 staff are highly skilled and experienced in dealing with these situations and have the ability to react in the way that is needed based on the following:

  • Where the lift is on the site list and is the only lift with that phone number. The message will then be passed to the engineer on call for that route.
  • Where the lift is on the site list and shares a phone line with other lifts at site. If there is no response, the trapping with the correct site address would be passed to the engineer on call for that route.
  • Where the lift is not on the site list

The instances of the trapped passengers not being proficient enough in English or being hearing impaired or suffering a medical emergency and therefore unable to communicate to confirm their location, aside from the industry standards, make this an invaluable facility.

This technology facilitates the identification of rogue diallers in order that they may be attended promptly, reducing cost and also ensures that all regular test calls from diallers are genuine test calls.

The logging of the correct dialler codes for lifts in the site list, reduces the time taken to deal with dialler calls thereby further reducing the cost of our service.

The development of the ‘Smart SMS’ facility reduces the number of calls to and from engineers also further reducing cost and removing unnecessary interruptions to the engineers work.

A simple, straight forward and cost effective ‘Lone Worker’ application is available alongside the regular, reactive job deployment.